DARV_ Abandoned Land
Lee Jung In (KR/AT) Mihaela Kavdanska (BG/RO/AT) Violeta Ivanova (BG/AT) Florian Weinrich (AT)

DARV_ Abandoned Land is an intermedia dance performance which sprouts connections between analog and digital. The performers interact with large-scale objects and video projections, resembling the endless migration from one world to another in search for the better. The DARV team and eight dancers perform in various locations in Austria, South Korea and Bulgaria, guiding the audience through dystopian realities and abandoned sites. Drained-off utopias, failed social mechanisms and ideologies are embodied, explored and ultimately abandoned.

el violador eres tú
LASTESIS collective

el violador eres tú is a small-format staging that, using the collage technique, links performance, sound and visual experimentation, with the aim of generating a graphic, visual and scenic assessment of theoretical essays that address gender issues from a feminist perspective. el violador eres tú is based on The Elementary Structures of Violence by Rita Segato (2003).

Feminist Structures: Networks and the Collective
Sibila Sotomayor Van Rysseghem (CL)

One-actress experimental theatrical performance via webcam, in livestream format, where the original video component is visually transformed and processed in real time through Max/Msp Jitter, in a way that the resulting image is affected by the sound of the voice and body of the same performer, reacting to the energy, rhythm and/or dynamics of the speech and movements.