Sebastian Wolf (DE)

lovesmenot is part of an ongoing series of automata exploring our relationship with machines and the absurdity of over-automation. In this work, a machine plucks the petals of a daisy one by one, looking for answers to a question that will never be revealed to the observer. It hereby imitates a typically human action, a rite of sorts that usually attains its meaning solely through the human element. The machine does not serve anyone but itself, the answers obtained are never revealed.


lovesmenot is meant to hint at the often-neglected value of human action. It deals with an eternally relevant issue – automation as a blessing. The technization of our every day is exciting and leading humanity forward; however, the value of human labor, the value of craftsmanship and the arts are often forgotten. The human element, poetry, emotions are optimized away. In this sense, automation does not always yield the best possible result. This work tries to reflect that; in the most poetic way it mechanizes a deeply human action that is meant to answer one of the purest human questions “does he/she love me?”


Sebastian Wolf (*1989, Germany) designs and builds interactive kinetic and light installations driven by an affinity for novel technologies and their inherent aesthetic and emotional potential.