Returning the Gaze


Krzystof Wodiczko, Behnaz Farahi, Memo Akten, Lauren Lee McCarthy (US)

This exhibition examines how different strategies of the ‘gaze’ could be used to undermine various forms of power structure and promote different forms of resistance. It does so by displaying either exhibits illustrating the gaze and voices of marginalized groups, or projects exploring how literal masks might hide or reveal identities. The idea is to use art and technology in combination with critical thinking to convey a powerful political message.

Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Krzystof Wodiczko (Harvard GSD), “Loro (Them)”
Behnaz Farahi (CSULB), “Can the subaltern speak?”
Memo Akten (UCSD), “Learning To See”
Lauren Lee McCarthy (UCLA) “Lauren”

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