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The Transparency of Randomness

Mathias Gartner (AT), Vera Tolazzi (AT)

The Transparency of Randomness is an interactive installation that provides insight into the world of randomness. Random numbers are continuously generated through a transparent dice system, to be used as the basis for real-time calculations and visualizations. Through its use of diverse materials, the process is influenced by the complexity of nature.

The Transparency of Randomness

The Transparency of Randomness” is an interactive installation through which visitors can directly experience the complex interplay of randomness and stochastics in current mathematical and physical research. 27 transparent boxes, floating in space, continuously generate random numbers through dice. Through a variety of natural materials, the random number generation process is influenced by the complexity of nature and its structures. The ensemble of randomly generated numbers forms the basis for a real-time calculation that demonstrates the impressive role of randomness in scientific research. Immerse yourself in randomness and become an active part of the installation with your self-generated random number.


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Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Institute for Theoretical Physics, Johannes Kepler University
Special thanks to team members Andreas Ganhör, David Eilmsteiner, Michaela Haslhofer, Gabriel Häusler and badcap.at. 
Supported by Lanf Oberösterreich


Mathias Gartner lives and works in Linz. He is currently completing his doctoral studies at the Institute of Theoretical Physics JKU, where simulations based on random numbers accompany his daily studies. “The Transparency of Randomness” is analogous to his work and shows the relevance of randomness to current research.

Vera Tolazzi lives and works in Linz. She has a master’s degree in visual communication from the University of Art and Design Linz and currently works as an interaction designer. Experimentation with different materials and the fusion of analog and digital media play an important role in her work. https://www.veratolazzi.com 

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