(Linz, June 16, 2009) Planet Earth will have 10 billion inhabitants in 2050, more than two-thirds of them living in cities. All over the world, metropolitan areas are exploding into new megacities. Homo sapiens is evolving into homo urbanicus, a being whose hopes—and, all too often, disappointments—are connected more closely than ever before to the course of “life in the big city” … GEOCITY is a new exhibition area in the Ars Electronica Center that focuses on the global trend towards urbanization. GEOCITY brings together data about our world, and provides a playful way of encountering global processes. At the same time, it opens up a totally new way of looking at the City of Linz as a localized setting for everyday life … Read more

Pixel City / Geo City

GeoCity, Pixelcity / Nicolas Ferrando, Lois Lammerhuber / Printversion / Album