Deep Space LIVE: Nostalgia in 3D

(Linz, June 14, 2010) Susi Windischbauer and Christoph Kremer of the Ars Electronica Center invite you to accompany them on a 3D nostalgia trip on June 17, 2010. More than 50 stereoscopic images provided by the Prints and Photographs Online Catalog of the Library of Congress and a specially developed projection process now make it possible to view fascinating photos made around the year 1900 on a 16×9 meter screen in 3D. This excursion embarks from Deep Space in the Ars Electronica Center; the itinerary includes the Panama Canal construction site, Hong Kong harbor, and idyllic cottages in the hills of Ireland … Read more

South African Light Horse

South African Light Horse / Underwood & Underwood / Printversion / Album