For Seniors: Pictures, Pictures Everywhere

For Seniors: Pictures, Pictures Everywhere
Friday, March 2 & 16, 2012 / 2-3 PM / Ars Electronica Center

(Linz, March 1, 2012) Every first and third Friday of the month, the Ars Electronica Center offers a themed tour custom-tailored to seniors. The guides make a concerted effort to dispense with English-language high-tech jargon, and to allow plenty of time for tour group members to pose questions and to discuss their experiences and impressions. On tap on March 2 & 16 at 2 PM are encounters with images—including their various functions and possible associations.

The Image

Advertisements, paintings, Facebook photos—images are omnipresent, an integral part of everyday life at home and in the workplace. They make their impact on the double, faster than we can rationally comprehend what’s happening. They influence us, our opinions and our decisions. They allow for visual communications and optical signals. They visualize our life. The guided tours for seniors on March 2 & 16 offer insights into the various functions of images and show how they affect the brain.

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