Wilhering and Linz’s joint candidacy to host the Province Garden Show in 2019

Wilhering and Linz’s joint candidacy to host the Province Garden Show in 2019
New Ways – New Goals

(Linz, July 2, 2012) Wilhering and Linz seek to jointly host the Province Garden Show in 2019. “Wilhering and Linz are broaching the issue of their relationship and reconfiguring how they interact as neighbors. In doing so, the accent is on the role of the Danube as the region’s main artery. With the Province Garden Show, we’re linking tradition to innovation, and imparting fresh momentum that opens up long-term opportunities,” explained Wilhering Mayor Mario Mühlböck.

Linz Deputy Mayor Erich Watzl expressed the aims of the joint candidacy in these terms: “10 years after the success of Linz09, we want to get our region back into the limelight by staging an impressive program that stresses our orientation on the future and sustainability.”

The City – The Countryside – The River

Experts from Wilhering and the Ars Electronica Futurelab envision a Province Garden Show that focuses on the future. Accordingly, the spotlight will be on themes like urban sustainability, the future of nutrition, and managed nature.
Among the key venues will be the parks of Wilhering Monastery, the meadowlands along the Danube and the entire stretch of river between Wilhering and Linz, as well as the riverbank adjacent to the Ars Electronica Center and the New City Hall in downtown Linz. Presentations will consistently consider sociopolitical, scientific and artistic perspectives. This concept aims to make the Province Garden Show both a relaxing stroll as well as a fascinating and informative nature trail that has something important for everyone to discover.

New Ways – New Goals

Wilhering and Linz aim to stage a Province Garden Show from which the region will benefit sustainably on multiple levels. Visitors and, above all, locals will profit from the expansion and renovation of existing infrastructure—for instance, by facilitating outings to the countryside (Wilhering) by city dwellers (Linz). Moreover, the Province Garden Show is a great opportunity for intensive media coverage of Upper Austria, the pioneering work that has been done and the expertise assembled here. The Province Garden Show will be the source of further impetus in this direction because it reaches a large public and convincingly showcases the necessary paradigm shift in ecology and business, architecture and urban planning. Wilhering and Linz will be taking new routes to reach new objectives as the co-hosts of the 2019 Province Garden Show.

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