Science Days: Human Machine!

Science Days: Human Machine!
Saturday & Sunday, April 13-14, 2013 / 10 AM-6 PM / Ars Electronica Center Linz

(Linz, April 10, 2013) During Science Days at the Ars Electronica Center this coming weekend, April 13-14, visitors can learn to build and program robot hands using Lego components, fly a quadcopter with a smartphone, get acquainted with Telenoid, the communications machine of the future, and discover how insights in the field of robotics can contribute to human health.

Here’s an overview of the program:

Saturday & Sunday / 9:30 AM-6 PM / Lobby

Using toothbrush heads, screw-on tops, vibration motors and various decorative materials, kids can craft robot beetles and other tiny creatures that they can take home with them from this workshop.

Saturday & Sunday / 10 AM-6 PM / RoboLab

What mechanical body parts will human beings someday be equipped with? Visitors are cordially invited to give free rein to their imagination as they create (and juxtapose) drawings of people in the present and the future. Switch, a robotic picture frame, reacts to sounds and motion; as if by magic, it flips the current image and brings a completely different one up on screen.

Face to Face
Saturday & Sunday / 11 AM, 1, 3, 5 PM / RoboLab

Discover the fascination of robotics. Here, you’ll see how focusing on remote-controlling a telecommunications robot also changes your perception of it.

Phone the Drone
Saturday & Sunday / 12:30, 3:30, 5:30 PM / Lobby

Calling all model aircraft fans! This weekend, you can learn to use a smartphone or tablet to fly a quadcopter and navigate it through the Ars Electronica Center.

Saturday & Sunday / 2-5:30 PM / RoboLab

The workshop will show you how to use Lego NXT components and software from prosthetics manufacturer Otto Bock to construct and program robotic hands.

From Tool to Companion: Human-Machine Relations
Saturday & Sunday / 2 PM / Meet at the Infodesk

This guided tour sheds light on the historic development of machines—from a simple lever mechanism to a high-tech device that’s an integral part of everyday life. The spotlight remains focused on human beings and our relationships with our machines.

Cyborgs & Medicine – The Machine in Me
Saturday & Sunday / 4 PM / Meet at the Infodesk

On this tour of the RoboLab, visitors will get acquainted with robotic machines that substantially improve many people’s lives, and learn about findings in the field of robotics that can make a positive contribution to human health.

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