Deep Space LIVE: The Last Supper

Deep Space LIVE: The Last Supper
Thursday, March 29, 2018, 6-7 PM (NOTE: Time Change)

(Linz, March 26, 2018) The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci is one of the world’s most recognizable paintings. At the next Deep Space LIVE on the Thursday before Easter, March 29th, at 6 PM, visitors will get an ultra-high-definition, close-up look at this masterpiece on Deep Space 8K’s 16-by-9-meter projection surface and discover fascinating details that are usually hidden, even from those beholding the original work. Expert commentary will be provided by art historian Lothar Schultes and theologian Michael Zugmann.

A Milestone of the Renaissance

Leonardo da Vinci worked on this commission from Duke Ludovico Sforza of Milan for four years, 1494 to 1498. Since then, his depiction of The Last Supper has adorned the north wall of the refectory (dining hall) of the Dominican church Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan. This work measuring 4.22 by 9.04 meters executed using the secco technique shows Jesus flanked by his 12 apostles. The visual perspective reproduced in The Last Supper has led to it being acclaimed as a Renaissance milestone.
Das letzte Abendmahl / Fotocredit: rubra / Printversion