Deep Space LIVE: HR Giger’s World Re-Visited

Ars Electronica Center
Deep Space LIVE: HR Giger’s World Re-Visited
Thursday, September 27, 2018 / 7 PM

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(Linz, September 24, 2018) Lovers of dark, surrealistic visual worlds will get their money’s worth at Deep Space LIVE on Thursday, September 27. At 7 PM, Andreas J. Hirsch invites you on a tour through the work of the Swiss artist HR Giger, who died in 2014. On display are high-resolution gigapixel images of Giger’s central works, historical film footage from the documentary Dark Star as well as insights into his studio in Zurich and the HR GIGER Museum in the Château St. Germain in Switzerland. By the way, in 2013 HR Giger, the creator of the Oscar-winning Alien, was Featured Artist at the Ars Electronica Festival.

HR Giger
Born in 1940 in Chur, Switzerland, Giger’s artistic roots extend back into the art history of the 19th century. He was part of the 1960s avant-garde and one of the leading innovators in the fantastic art genre. HR Giger’s works have already attained the status of classics, and not only among aficionados of 1990s cyberculture. The painter, sculptor, architect and designer made an international name for himself with the development of a “biomechanical” style all his own. The figure he created for “Alien” is considered a milestone in the sci-fi/horror film genre and was singled out for recognition with the 1980 Oscar in the Best Visual Effects category. On May 12, 2014, HR Giger died in Zürich.

Deep Space LIVE
The Ars Electronica Center hosts a Deep Space LIVE event every Thursday (except holidays) at 7 PM. Each presentation features ultra-high-definition imagery in 16×9-meter format and is accompanied by expert commentary, entertaining stand-up repartee, or musical improvisation. Whether great works from the history of art, space travel, journeys of discovery in the nano-world or a live concert is what you’ve come to behold, Deep Space LIVE stands for enlightening entertainment amidst breathtaking worlds of imagery. Holders of a valid Museum ticket are admitted free of charge.

HR Giger’s World Re-Visited / Fotocredit: tom mesic / Printversion

Necronom IV / Fotocredit: HR Giger, 2013 / Printversion