Exoplanets, Artistic Journalism and a Master of the Italian High Renaissance

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(Linz, 22.11.2020) Immerse yourself in the world of the Italian painter and architect Raffael by means of high-resolution images, gain exciting insights into the current state of exoplanetary research and find out in a talk how artistic approaches can help journalists to deal with complex topics. Once again this week, Ars Electronica Home Delivery will be delivering fascinating material from the fields of art, technology and society directly into the living room, kitchen, office, children’s room or even the classroom. The audience is again cordially invited to ask questions via Skype or YouTube comments.

Magister Raffaello 2020
WED 25.11.2020 / 2:30 p.m.

Exactly 500 years ago, Raphael died, one of the most important artists of the Italian High Renaissance. To mark the occasion, Magister Art, a company specializing in the digitization of cultural heritage content, has created a new project entitled Magister Raffaello, specially adapted for the Electronica Center’s Deep Space 8K. Visitors are immersed in the era of Raphael and learn a great deal about the life and work of the famous painter and architect. Among the paintings on display are the Madonna with the Goldfinch, the School of Athens, the Fire in Boro, the Transfiguration or the Deposition.

Deep Space LIVE: Exoplanets – in search of the second Earth
THU 26.11.2020 / 5 p.m.

In 1995 the first planet outside our solar system was discovered around the star 51Pegasi. Due to sophisticated detection methods on large telescopes of the 10m class and satellite missions like Kepler thousands of other planets could be detected in the meantime. The search is currently focusing on planets in so-called life-friendly zones, i.e. in those areas where water could exist in a liquid state. What could be more obvious here than the question: Is there any life out there? Peter Habison, head of the Science Outreach Network of the European Southern Observatory in Austria, will provide an insight into the current state of exoplanet research and the search for Earth-like planets.

Artistic Journalism: Deep Issues
FRI 27.11.2020 / 8:30 a.m.

Hideaki Ogawa, Director of the Ars Electronica Futurelab, teaches an experimental online course in Artistic Journalism at Japan’s Keio University SFC in Fujisawa. His Lecture Artistic Journalism: Deep Issues will be streamed live at Ars Electronica Home Delivery, Friday from 08:30. Hideaki Ogawa will be presenting the Ars Electronica Center’s Deep Space 8K, whose infrastructure offers unlimited presentation possibilities with 16×9 meter wall and floor projections, laser tracking and 3D. He will talk about Artistic Journalism, research and Critical Data with Manuela Naveau, professor at the Linz Art University.

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“Ars Electronica Home Delivery” is a weekly program that includes guided tours of Ars Electronica exhibitions, excursions to Ars Electronica Labs, visits to the Machine Learning Studio, concerts with real-time visualizations, deep space LIVE sessions, workshops with engineers and talks with artists and scientists from all over the world and, more recently, offerings for schools, universities and companies. Most programs are interactive and live. “Ars Electronica Home Delivery” aims to make the artistic and scientific examination of the future accessible to the broadest possible audience.

Magister Raffaello / Fotocredit: vog.photo / Printversion

Artistic Journalism – Hideaki Ogawa / Fotocredit: Ars Electronica – Robert Bauernhansl / Printversion