Felix sees family: MKD meets NEXTCOMIC Festival

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(Linz, 28.4.2021) Children growing on trees, dystopian worlds in which babies are produced in factories and sold on the black market, or the story of the silver fir and the chanterelle that enter into a familial relationship with each other in the depths of the forest: As part of the NEXTCOMIC Festival, the Master School of Communication Design at HTL1 Bau & Design Linz is showing a series of drawn comics at the Ars Electronica Center about the family of the future that can be brought to life using a cell phone and an app. The exhibition in the foyer of the Ars Electronica Center can be visited free of charge from FRI 30.4.2021 to SUN 9.5.2021. Weekdays from 9 a.m.-12p.m. and from 1 p.m.-4 p.m., and weekends from 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Augmented Comics at the Ars Electronica Center

Students in the 2021 Master Class will present their comics about the family of the future at the Ars Electronica Center. The works on display range from absurd to harmonious to dystopian depictions of the family. The master class students have also added a digital component to the comics, which come to life before the eyes of visitors via the “Artivive” app using a cell phone or tablet. The resulting animations show unexpected twists and turns in the stories and reveal plenty of exciting details and surprises that would remain hidden by merely looking at the printed comics.

MKD – Master School for Communication Design of HTL1 Bau & Design Linz
The MKD – Meisterschule für Kommunikationsdesign is a one-year training program in which students can expand and deepen their expertise in the graphic design field. In the academic year 2020/21, 30 creative young graphic designers will be working on various projects at the MKD, with a special focus on the implementation of real assignments with personal customer contact. The team project “MKD MEETS NEXTCOMIC 2021” was designed by the students with a lot of dedication and heart and soul. Further comics of the MKD are exhibited in the context of NEXTCOMIC 2021 in the OÖ Kulturquartier.

The NEXTCOMIC Festival is an annual festival held in Linz since 2009. The event is the only one of its kind in Austria and is one of the most important German-language comic festivals. 2021 comics, cartoons, mangas and illustrations will be presented on the various ideas and conceptions of the family of the future. In addition to locations in Linz and Steyr, a two-day online comic symposium will also be held on the web this year.

MKD meets NEXTCOMIC Festival / Fotocredit: Ars Electronica – Robert Bauernhansl / Printversion

MKD meets NEXTCOMIC Festival / Fotocredit: Ars Electronica – Robert Bauernhansl / Printversion