ARS Electronica Garden Abuja

Abuja Ars Garden 2021

Arojah Royal Theatre (NG), Assitej Nigeria (NG), Mambaah Cafe (NG)

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Abuja ARS Garden is Nigeria’s contribution to the ARS Electronica Festival 2021 and features two distinctive performative activities, for the pleasure of participants at this year’s festival
The Women in Art, a hybrid (onsite and online) event is an evening of edutainment (education and entertainment) featuring spoken word performances and storytelling by carefully selected young female artists, who will entertain audience from around the world. The evening includes a brief interaction with this exceptional artist, interrogating how they have fared in the face of the disruption that the pandemic has caused the world, and especially how they have embraced the digital revolution which has become the new order.
Arojah Royal Theatre will also contribute with a short poetry theatre by Makinde Adeniran, titled What the Hunter Saw, from the Abuja ARS Garden to the delight of festival from around the world.


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Arojah Royal Theatre (NG), Assitej Nigeria (NG), MAMBAAH CAFE (NG)