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Studio Tours and Creative Industry Interviews

Peeking behind the doors of London’s creative industry, this film is a collection of interviews and studio visits led by students. Interview partners and studios visited include Alexander Whitley Dance Company, Jason Bruges Studio, Marshmallow Laser Feast, and other friends of the Interactive Architecture Lab.


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Alexander Whitley: London-based choreographer working at the cutting edge of British contemporary dance. As artistic director of the Alexander Whitley Dance Company, he has developed a reputation for his bold, interdisciplinary approach to dance-making, producing technologically innovative and thought-provoking stage productions that explore the creative possibilities being opened up by new digital platforms.

Jason Bruges Studio: It has become internationally renowned for producing innovative installations, interventions and ground-breaking works. This practice involves creating interactive spaces and surfaces that stride the worlds of architecture, site-specific installation art and interaction design.

Marshmallow Laser Feast: One of the world’s leading immersive art collectives. Their work illuminates the hidden natural forces that surround us, inviting participants to navigate with a sensory perception outside their daily experience. In these spaces, the known physical world is removed to reveal networks, processes and systems that are at once sublime, underpinned by research, and fundamental to life on Earth.


MArch Design for Performance and Interaction Interactive Architecture Lab Partner studios: Alexander Whitley Dance Company, Jason Bruges Studio, Marshmallow Laser Feast, others (to be confirmed).