Disruptivity by Design


Mira Loew (AT/ UK), David Altweger (AT/ UK), Philipp J. Ehmann (AT)

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Limited number of participants with registration.

Playfully exploring spatial imaginaries

The workshop “Postit-ing Dornbirn_Disrupting Invisible Barriers,” which will be facilitated by the game designer Philipp J. Ehmann (play:vienna) aims at developing methods of playfully transgressing the boundaries between public and private, visible and invisible, presence and absence. What places are shown reluctantly? This project seeks to explore invisible zones and reclaim public space through a strategic and playful interaction of the players. In doing so, the game engages with the investigation of boundaries we draw both as a society and as individuals.

Parallelly, Salon Flux develops an interactive and continuously growing installation during the festival that manifests itself – digitally supported and localized – at various locations in Dornbirn. In their project called “Situated-2021/ Claiming a space for collaboration” the collective explores the imaginaries of places, psychogeographies of spaces and spatial transformations through body movement and tries to claim space for collaborative artistic practice. The focus lies on generosity.
“I talked to a poet, originally from the Uk but living in nyc for decades now, about the charisma of spaces the other day. I told him about our collaboration and about the video david and you shot. I think he was then trying to figure out what the „piece“ was we were working on. I told him that there wasn’t a piece, that we are just playing, which was a completely new thought to him. And that lead us to talking about that generosity. I think that this trust in each other and this generosity which enables the experimentation is maybe, possibly the most precious and invaluable thing we have, or have created.”
Mira Loew plays with different movement patterns while David Altweger – by means of sound and projection – translates these patterns into space, thus enabling a continuously changing mode of experiencing movement in space.

Project Credits / Acknowledgements short EN
Philipp J. Ehmann (play:vienna, AT)
Mira Loew & David Altweger (Salon Flux, UK/ AT)

Philipp J. Ehmann (AT): Theater maker, dramaturge and transdisciplinary multimedia artist. Since his theater studies at the University of Exeter, he has been working with immersive and playful forms of theater and tries to make political issues accessible on different levels of experience, thus creating play spaces for safe experimentation and discussion. Ehmann is co-founder of play:vienna, Austria’s first initiative for playful art in public space.

David Altweger (AT/ UK): Visual artist, director, designer and educator based in London and graduated from Camberwell College (UAL). Besides being a prolific director and creator of moving-image work and digital media, he is an established projection artist and com­poser. Working under the moniker Sagberg, he creates interactive installations and reactive live visuals, collaborating with DJs and bands on live shows as well as providing digital projections for dance pieces, performances and exhibitions. He is associate lecturer for digital media at the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries at Middlesex University and lecturer at FH Vorarlberg. Since 2016 member of Test Dept, the UKs most influential industrial group.

Mira Loew (AT/ UK): She began her journey as a photographer and filmmaker. After extensive travels through Asia, Loew went on to earn her BA in Fashion Photography at the London College of Fashion (2009), and finally an MA in Image and Communication from Goldsmiths, University of London (2011). Her body of work explores the relationship between human beauty, fragility and mortality; Spaces are in- habited, claimed, measured, negotiated and experienced through and with the body. In addition to her photographic practice Loew also engages in collaborative processes with other artists, often participating in exchanges that are conduct- ed over long periods of time and distances.