Werkleitz Festival 2021 move to …

move to… EMAP Garden exhibition

Nico Angiuli (IT), Andrius Arutiunian (NL), Kat Austen (GB/DE), Marco Barotti (IT) / WRO Art Center (PL), Florent Di Bartolo (FR), Andrej Boleslavský (CZ), Clusterduck (FR/DE/IT), Gil Delindro (PT), DISNOVATION.ORG (FR), Anna Dumitriu (GB) & Alex May (GB), Adam Donovan (AU) & Katrin Hochschuh (DE), Mark Farid (GB), Doug Fishbone (GB), FLOW Architecture (IT), Forms of Ownership (HK/MK/IE/US), Moritz Simon Geist (DE), Daniel Hengst (DE), Darsha Hewitt (DE), Sophie Hoyle (GB), Konrad Korabiewski (DK/IS), Kentaro Kumanomido (DE) & Teaque Owen (DE), Chloé Galibert-Laîné (FR) & Kevin B. Lee (DE/US), Stefan Laxness (GB/IS), Carolin Liebl (DE) & Nikolas Schmid-Pfähler (DE), Karen Lancel (NL) & Hermen Maat (NL), Aay Liparoto (BE), MAEID (AT), Kasia Molga (PL/UK), Joana Moll (ES), Wouter Moraal (NL), Martin Nadal (ES), Robertas Narkus (LT), Aleksandra Niemczyk (PL), Margherita Pevere (IT), Liliana Zeic (PL), Anna Ridler (GB), Quimera Rosa (FR), Silvia Rosani (GB), Rybn.org (FR), Birk Schmithüsen (DE), Robertina Šebjanič (SI) & Gjino Šutić (HR), Taavi Suisalu (EE), Total Refusal (AT), uh513 (María Castellanos & Alberto Valverde) (ES)

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The Werkleitz Festival 2021 move to… sociosphere ecosphere bodydatasphere is a correspondence location of the 2021 Ars Electronica. During the past 4 years, the artists and collectives at 11 institutions of the European Media Art Platform have been researching the most urgent challenges of our age. The virtual closing exhibition will feature 44 works produced with the support of Creative Europe. The three spheres of the Werkleitz festival provide the framework for these works as well: The sociosphere focuses on the social, political and economic challenges of our digital, globalized world. The ecosphere highlights the consequences of digitalization on our ecosystem, and how knowledge is gained by shifting our perspective away from humans and towards other forms of life. In the context of the bodydatasphere, the artists devote themselves to digital bodies and senses and in particular to the fact that these are increasingly integrated into technological environments, monitored, predicted or controlled by them. In addition to the 44 newly produced documentaries, numerous podcasts, the recorded lectures of the conference and discourse program new world dis/order, which took place as part of the Werkleitz Festival, the three programs will present the three spheres of the festival. After each program there will be the opportunity to talk live with EMAP artists via Zoom. A workshop organized by IMPAKT will invite you on a journey into the world of online tools (AT).

The EMAP Bal Masque organized by IMPAKT marks the conclusion of the four-year grant-production cycle of the European Media Art Platform.

Please visit https://emare.eu/ to learn more about the artists behind EMAP