Exploring Performance + XR

Gilles Jobin (CH), Corinne Linder (FR), Cenk Güzelis (AT)

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Panel discussion, best practices. Gilles Jobin, Corinne Linder, Cenk Güzelis, moderated by Alejandro Martín. Performance arts and extended/virtual reality intersect in three awesome projects: Virtual Crossing, The Circus Girl and Virtual Awareness. The panel discussion/virtual show will allow the Ars Electronica Festival audience to find new ways to approach performance and virtual experiences.

Cenk Güzelis: Cenk Güzelis is a Vienna-based digital artist and filmmaker with an MA in Art and Architecture from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. He is currently a PhD Candidate and a Faculty Member at the Institute for Experimental Architecture/studio3, University of Innsbruck, where he is developing his research on interactive virtual environments with neuro-optical machine visions to help people dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and with derealization and depersonalization disorder specifically.
Corinne Linder: Corinne Linder was 7 years old when she started her circus training on the streets of Finland. She was immediately drawn to this world, a place where things that seem impossible become possible. She received her professional education at Le Lido (now ESACTO,2014, France), and has a producer degree from University Jean Jaures (2016, France). Her interests have allowed her to travel the world; connecting and collaborating with people from different art fields, both as an artist on stage, as well as a creative concept writer.
Gilles Jobin: Gilles Jobin trained in classical and contemporary dance. He has worked for ten years as an independent dancer in Switzerland and Spain. Jobin started his choreographic career with a solo trilogy which focused on identity: Bloody Mary (1995), Middle Suisse and Only You (1996). In 1997, he moved to London and created his first group performance A+B=X, which also marked his first collaboration with composer and leader of the rock band The Young Gods, Franz Treichler.