Ars Electronica Garden Mexico City

The Garden of Uncertainty

Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (MX)

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The title of our project is The Garden of Uncertainty. We think of uncertainty not as a negative adjective, but as an option for open processes, opportunities and liberty. With this in mind, we sought to collect works that could present a kaleidoscopic panorama of Mexico’s electronic art production. We assembled a collection that could show a small compendium of the concerns that a new generation of artists has with the world. By creating a multimodal map of the included works, which visualizes the relationships among them, we have also ensured that it’s more than the sum of its parts.


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Hugo Solís García (UAM), Carolina Belén González (UAM), Departamento de Artes y Humanidades (UAM), Lerma Uruguay 25 (UAM)