Local Food Management

Ana Nešić (RS)

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In September 2019, just before the Covid-19 pandemic started, the Small food producers of Serbia was founded. The idea was simple – connect people in cities with food producers from the rural parts of Serbia. This would help consumers get the high quality, locally produced food, and it would help producers find their market and improve their sales. With some hard work, a bit of luck and obvious need on the market, we’re now gathering more than 100,000 people on our platform. We’ve helped more than a 1000 families kickstart and build their food businesses and find their market, while hosting thousands of direct transactions between consumers and producers every day. We’re looking for the best way to go forward with our platform. Will you be our consultant?

Ana Nešić (RS) is the founder of a platform “Small food producers of Serbia” that helps connect food producers in rural areas with consumers in the larger cities. She has a background in marketing, content, sales, startups, and building online communities. Prior to starting up the local food platform, she was running a successful and popular food blog that helped her build initial influence among the public in Serbia. She’s on a mission to push Serbia towards more sustainable agriculture and food distribution practices.

This year Ars Electronica in collaboration with Linz Center of Mechatronics GmbH (LCM) organizes a foresight technology Hackathon training which addresses challenges of the Agri-food industry to be faced by the world, global trends in specific sectors of the Agro industry, prospects for their development. The pandemic has pinpointed how vulnerable the food systems are. How can we create resilient food systems that ensure a supply of safe, accessible, local food for the people of a community? How can we use technologies, model-based approaches or knowledge engines to increase local, sustainable and ecological food production & distribution?