PolySocial Realities and Virtualities

PolySocial Project Exhibition

Bartlett School of Architecture Design for Performance and Interaction Students 2020-2021

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Design for Performance and Interaction Student Project Exhibition

A student project exhibition showcasing MArch Design for Performance and Interaction work in progress. A physical exhibition housed in an East London venue, projects will also be made accessible online as a narrated walk-through which will be live streamed on various platforms.

Hello, we are the Interactive Architecture Lab! We are interested in the behaviour and interaction of things, environments and their inhabitants. The Interactive Architecture Lab at UCL is engaged in a range of academic research activities and industry collaborations. At the heart of the Lab is our 15 month Masters programme, the MArch Design for Performance & Interaction, which gives students an opportunity to exploit the potential of new sensing, computation, networked and responsive technologies to imagine, build and test new spaces of performance & interaction.


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MArch Design for Performance and Interaction Interactive Architecture Lab Students: Ding Wang, Alexandra Kogia, Athifa Ismiranti, Luxi Rong, Johanne Jensen, Ying Cheng, Kwun Ting, Wong Pintian Liu, Halveig Villand, Ling Zhang, Ka Chi Chan, Evelyn Rodgers, Zihan Chen, Arshiya Vij Shu-Ang, Yeh Dishun, Chen Yue, Shao Wanrong, Lei Yong, Won Choi, Tianbo Jiang, Kexin Ling, Shuokai Zhang, Sau Man (Iresa) Cho, Luis Cascales Belando, Yang Gao Yuyi, Mo Simon, Volt Zijun, Wang Jianan, Shi Jingnan, Liu Qiyin Liu, Ricardo Lopez Gutierrez, Amelia Goldie, Laure Barthelemy, Sofia Kovalenko, Jee Eun Lee, Hejun Zhang, Priya Tadinada, Shu-Yun Liu, Serra Ozdemir, Yuen Ki, Jenny Leung, Alfred Cassels Tutors: Dr Ruairi Glynn, Parker Heyl, Dr Fiona Zisch, Alexander Whitley, Alice Whewell, Paul Bavister, Felix Faire, Dominik Zisch, Georgios Adamopoulos, Luca Dellatorre, Michael Wagner.