Punkte Radio

Punkte Radio

Mélodie Blaison, Lucie Bortot, Anne Line Drocourt, Samia EL HADJ, Typhaine Guilloux, Cinna Peyghamy, Simon Pochet, Audrey Repon

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Limited number of participants with registration!

Punkte (.–. ..- -. .-. – .) is an eight-headed chimera, researching and working within the field of sound and beyond. As part of the Arts and Sound Creation 2021-2022 postgraduate session at l’ENSA Bourges, we aim to reconsider the relationship between the fine arts and sound matters. Our name, Punkte, is a tribute to Ursula Bogner, a scientist in the pharmaceuticals sector and a composer (recordings 1969-1988) who perhaps never existed. It is also a nod to the action video Punkt (2006), in which Roman Signer, filmed sitting in profile in front of a blank canvas, waits for the explosion of the firecracker behind him to surprise him and set him in motion. From Bourges in central France we, Punkte, invite you to join us in our performances, concerts and games. Over four days – two hours daily, and one evening – we’ll stream using a cacophony of radio voices, flutes, revox, metal plates, screams and whispers to fabricate the unexpected. We, the misshapen children of Ursula Bogner, will spit out flames and take you on a journey of disheveled rhythms, eccentric sounds and magnetic voices. Punkte is composed by: Mélodie Blaison / Lucie Bortot / Anne Line Drocourt / Samia El Hadj / Typhaine Guilloux / Cinna Peyghamy / Simon Pochet / Audrey Repon

Mélodie Blaison: Mélodie Blaison is a visual artist and musician. She graduated in Fine Arts in 2016 after a flute course at the Nantes Conservatory. Her practice is transversal; she is interested in the narrative potential of writing and particularly in the hybrid spaces fiction can create, while questioning our relationship with the world. By playing with the scales of time and space and switching between installations, immersive sound pieces or modular objects, she interrogates the creation of new possibilities for our contemporary societies. She is a co-founder of Atelier Vé in Marseille, where several exhibitions have taken place. She has performed in Cardiff, Copenhagen, at Magasins Généraux in Pantin, and also at Coco Velten and Kit Galerie in Marseille. https://www.melodieblaison.com/ and https://soundcloud.com/melodieblaison.

Lucie Bortot: Lucie Bortot – aka Luci Schneider- is a composer, musician and sound artist. Her practice is anchored in reality: site-specific compositions that have their roots in uncommon experiences. Her sound-writing inherits its techniques from musique concrète and acousmatic music, and combines phonographic elements from the practice of field-recording with radiophonics. She composes sound walks in association with the Collectif MU (Voix du rail, Le Wrotter), sound installations (Eclisse, Nuit Blanche Paris 2017, Chemins de traverses, Center Pompidou Paris 2018), collaborates with theatre directors (Lola Naymark, Valentina Arce) and performs on stage. She also runs educational workshops on sound creation (Instants Chavirés, etc) www.luci-schneider.com.Coming from a background in radio documentary and literature, Anne-Line Drocourt uses a mixed material with plastic sound effects, human voices and toy synths to constitute an anecdotal universe. https://www.annelinedrocourt.com/.

Samia el Hadj: Born in Canada in 1988, Samia el Hadj is a young French sound artist, director and performer. She’s interested in non-linear storytelling. Her hybrid productions invent shady areas and tipping points, between documentary and fiction, euphoria and despair. For her, it’s important to open and explore immersive and participatory listening systems with which various audiences can fully engage. www.samiaelhadj.fr.

Tyfen Guilloux: Tyfen Guilloux is a musician and multidisciplinary artist involved in writing, experimental luthering and sound performance with the project Zone Négative (w/ Nora Neko), which explores the multiple facets of duality and the interaction between body and sound source. She is part of the Collectif de Contre Déterminisme Magique, a random ensemble of improvised music based in Marseille, and since 2018 has published the collective edition La Veille, with the multiple theme whose name it bears, between memory(s), alterations and the hybridization of languages. https://zonenegative.bandcamp.com/.

Cinna Peyghamy: Cinna Peyghamy, also known as Cikkun, is a Paris-based electronic musician and sound artist. His debut album Gamut was released in 2017, followed by the EP Injonctions. Both showcased a unique turn on IDM and bass music’s standard, as the young producer started to implement what would define his sound: fragmented rhythms, severe pattern seizure, abrasive melodies and abyssal moodswings that are truly Cikkun’s own. He also creates and designs unique instruments, from DIY synthesizer and soundboxes to motor-based mechanical structures that serve as tools for his compositions, performances and sound installations. His latest work AVAZ, is a sound performance blending the boundaries between acoustic and electronic instruments like the tombak, a traditionnal Persian percussion, is enhanced by the sonic possibilities of the modular synthesizer. https://www.youtube.com/watchv=5fALGZadD7c.

Simon Pochet: Being ensitive to questions of territoriality, memory and the environment, Simon Pochet creates sound pieces and installations at the crossroads of the documentary, field recording and music, questioning what connects humans and places, memory, the living and the emotional relationship that each person has with a landscape or a living space. Favouring participative creative approaches, he experiments with various diffusion devices (sound path, interactive works). He is involved in several artistic and popular education collectives, notably with Collectif Mu, and has also collaborated with France Culture (ACR 2015). Since 2018, alone or in collaboration, he leads creation and artistic mediation residencies in different territories (PNR du Haut-Jura, Création en cours en Meuse, CLEA in the North, Résidence 1+2 factory in Haute-Garonne, Regards du Grand Paris…). https://simonpochet.cargo.site/.

Audrey Repon: Audrey Repon comes from the world of community radio stations, to which she has a strong commitment. The audio material that she uses in her compositions is a memory from a cultural, social and anthropological point of view. Her work pursues social observation by using sound as an autonomous tool for analysis and reflection. Between data collection and sound writing, she concretizes individual and collective memories. https://soundcloud.com/audreyrepon.


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