The Woodiana Oracle
The Danube Transformation Agency for Agency: Alexandra Fruhstorfer (AU), Lena Violetta Leitner (AU), Ege Kökel (AU/TR), Solmaz Farhang (UK/IR/AU) and Andrea Palašti (RS). Jovana Pešić (RS) Sanja Anđelković (RS)

The Woodiana Oracle: Diviners Wanted! is a diviner recruitment event and a futuring exercise in the form of a fortune telling workshop; a live online divination event where everybody gets a chance to become a mussel path analyst and interpret her behaviour! No previous experience is needed, just a passion for river ecologies, drawing and making up fantastic stories! Prepare some papers and pens and dive into the Danube in search of the mussel trails!

Follow the Current
Kristina Tica (RS/AT), Marija Šumarac (RS), Barbara Jazbec (SI/AT), Sara Koniarek (AT), Sanja Anđelković (RS), Jovana Pešić (RS), Andrea Palašti (RS), The Danube Transformation Agency for Agency (DTAFA)

Follow the Current is a panel discussion established among young artists and researchers from four cities connected by the the river Danube - Linz, Vienna, Novi Sad and Belgrade. The representatives will present five main projects: Interface Cult, Woodiana Oracle, Anatomy of a Fatberg, Aerosonar and Digital Prayer.

Dr Jelena Slivka (RS), Dr Nikola Luburic (RS), Jelena Joksimovic (RS), Danijela Vucicevic (RS), Marko Milic (RS)

The video includes various artistic and scientific perspectives on the creative process while working on BINEMA, the winning project of the art+science AI Lab national selection for 2021, done in collaboration with the Clean CaDET AI project funded by the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia.

Program Overview - art+science 2021
Dobrivoje Lale Erić (RS), Petar Laušević (RS) and Elisa Cuesta (ES)

This guided tour introduces the Festival audience the sixth edition of the art+science program of the Center for the Promotion of Science, which focuses on the creative and critical reading and analysis of the AI-based systems, their values and possibilities. This year’s exibition, AI Realities, presents 13 works and tries to act as a stage for the insightful and inspirational discussion and partnering between local and international peers in all related fields.