Vibrations Matter: Art & Science of Deep Listening
Victoria Vesna, James Gimzewski, Carlo Ventura, Charles Taylor, and members of the Art Sci Now collective members -- Ivana Dama, Clinton Van Arnam, John Brumley, and Paul Geluso

This event addresses vibrations from the point of view of visual and sound artists considering the scientific research into matter, brain waves, human and animal voice, environmental noise and outer space. Our starting point is quantum mechanics -- based on music theory and that nanotechnology is showing us the waves that underlie all matter which many Eastern philosophies have known for centuries.

Sounding Mycelial Networks: MycoMythologies Storytelling Circle
Kaitlin Bryson, Saša Spačal

MycoMythologies: Storytelling Circle is an on/off_line performative workshop that evokes and employs the mycelial mind of the attendants through nodes of knowledge gathering practices and embodied mycology.

The Sound of Clouds and other Sonic Memories
Joel Ong

Since 2015, Joel Ong has been collecting sonic memories through interviews and casual conversations. As part of his Residency with UCLA this summer, Ong turned his attention to sonic memories in the environment, and is collecting these in order to draw attention to fluctuations in the climate observed and remembered through the inter-subjectivities of a diverse group of interviewees.

That Unseen Vibrance
Yolande Harris

Can our conscious listening effect the world around us? That unseen vibrance. These are dense vibrations, larger than our bodies, larger than our eardrums. They work through us. They present as oceanic. I have a sense of being inside the sound, submerged in another medium, molten, or perhaps growing wings. Of enormous pressure depth yet vibrance shimmer. To dive into the oceanic with our own airborne sounds, feet on the ground, ears underwater. What animal could hear like this?

Breathe to flow
Anna Nacher

The way we, as humans, participate in the vibrational fields and flows of energy of the Planet Earth is embodied practice, even if the process often remains somewhat mysterious, unnoticed or unacknowledged. This workshop will explore how a human vocalization, which is nothing else than amplified and conscious breathing, can become a practice of inquiry into the planetary water cycle.