Alchemists of the Future: Online Video Journey
Ars Electronica Futurelab (AT)

Mit dieser Online Video Journey lädt Hideaki Ogawa, Director im Ars Electronica Futurelab, Sie dazu ein, Teil einer gemeinsamen Mission zu werden. Was Sie auf Ihrem Weg durch die Ideen und Visionen aus 25 Jahren Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft der “Alchemists of the Future” erwarten können, erfahren Sie in dieser Video-Tour, die Sie durch die Exponate im Ars Electronica Center führt.

Alchemists of the Future: (Special) Guided Journey
Ars Electronica Futurelab (AT)

Entmystifizieren Sie die Zukunft für sich selbst und lassen Sie sich mit unseren Guided Journeys von Infotrainer*innen, mit Special Guided Journeys durch Künstler*innen und Forscher*innen aus dem Ars Electronica Futurelab oder auch online in die Zukunft führen.

Alchemists of the Future – The Journey
Ars Electronica Futurelab (AT)

Alchemists of the Future führt Sie auf eine Reise durch Visionen und Ideen aus dem Ars Electronica Futurelab. Werfen Sie einen Blick in die Blackbox der Technologien der Zukunft, um zu entlarven was dahintersteckt, und erwerben Sie fundiertes Wissen über neue Trends und deren Auswirkungen auf weite Bereiche unseres täglichen Lebens. Lassen Sie sich in Guided Journeys von unseren Infotrainer*innen, in Special Guided Journeys durch Künstler*innen und Forscher*innen aus dem Ars Electronica Futurelab oder auch online in die Zukunft führen.

From Seedling to the Sky
Natalia Fedorova (RU)

An artist talk by Natalia Fedorova, “From Seedling to the Sky”, will cover bioart projects with a dendrological focus. In Olga Kisseleva’s “EDEN”, the memories of trees are addressed to help geographically remote trees, and possibly humans, avoid catastrophic scenarios. In “Tree ID”, by Agness Mayer Brandis, the tree is addressed as a possible bearer of different Umwelten, or sensual perceptions of the world, through volatile organic components.

Sava Stepanov (RS), Venelin Shurelov (BG), Stevan Kojić (RS), Ana Prvčki (RS/DE), Antoni Rayzhekov (BG), Anna Vasof (GR)

Contemporary society has found itself in circumstances of forced reality and that is exactly what is presented (and proven!) by the central exhibition of the Danube Dialogues 2021. At the same time, the exhibition emphasizes the importance of new artistic aesthetic and ethical systems by which the participants from Germany, Austria, Serbia and Bulgaria try to make "repairs to the world in crisis", as Bonami once wrote.

OLEA. Digital-bio codifications
Soliman López (ES)

The OLEA project proposes a space for reflection and the rapprochement of species, concepts, economies, societies and information flows converging in a single fluid: olive oil. Historically related to deities, abundance, health, softness and liquid gold, olive oil is the perfect place to embrace other natures.

Sarah King (GB)

In this video we will be interviewing Sarah King about the importance of Biomaterials, materials development and sustainability in 2020. Find out how STEAMhouse are getting involved through the Bioboxes project! If you have any questions or would like to discuss this topic further, reach us on our platforms!

Material Workshops
Brice Ammar-Khodja (FR), Vanessa Mardirossian (CA), Matthew Halpenny (CA)

Sensitive membranes, Textile Dyes Workshop, Workshop on Open-Source Microbial Fuel Cells

Research-creation 01: CONNECTING MILIEUX + Hexagram Showcase
Gisèle Trudel (CA), Maya Lamothe-Katrapani (CA), Alessia Zarzani (IT), Orit Halpern (CA), Jean-Denis Milette (CA), Gabriel Payant (CA), Marius Senneville (CA), Alessandra Ponte (CA), Kim Laneuville (CA), Adriana Menghi (CA), Delphine Ducharme (CA), Meryem Sekhri (CA), Alexandre Asselin (CA), Anna Paola Bossi (IT/CA), Baptiste Kauffmann (FR/CA), Millie-Ann Grenon (CA), Rachel Ducharme (CA), Charles Antoine Poulin (CA), Fannie Hébert (CA), Ikram Haffaf (CA), Liliane Hamelin (CA), Marie-Ève Fortier (CA), Jill Didur (CA), Tony Higuchi (ES), AELab (CA), Fossilation (CA), Andrée Martin (CA), Estelle Schorpp (FR/CA), Marc-André Cossette (CA), Sandra Volny (CA), Ahreum Lee (KR/CA), Émilie Morin (CA), Erin Gee (CA), Guillaume Pascal (CA), Juliette Lusven (FR/CA), Maxime Boutin (FR/CA), Olivia Mc Gilchrist (JM/FR), Rilla Khaled (CA), Enric Llagostera (BR), Jess Rowan Marcotte (CA), Steven Sych (CA), Jean Dubois (CA), Ghyslain Gagnon (CA), Ké Medley (CA), Louis-Philippe Rondeau (CA), Yan Breuleux (CA), Nicolas Bernier (CA), Nicolas Reeves (CA), David St-Onge (CA), Chris Salter (US/CA), Dietmar Lupfer (DE), Sofian Audry (CA), TeZ (IT)

Documentation of the first art installation of the Canada Research Chair MÉDIANE, presented outdoors in July 2021 at Jardin botanique Montréal. The installation experiments artistically with the ecophysiological data of three species of trees collected by the research programme SmartForests.

Plant~Animals ~ Symbiosity of Creation
Elvin Flamingo (PL)

The work of Elvin Flamingo invites us to the world of the unique plant-animals Symsagittifera roscoffensis. In nature, these organisms most often occur as migrating communities. For the project, the artist created two incubators capable of accommodating 67 separate habitats, 100 colonies of the superorganism described above.