Journey - INFINITY
Media Art Globale (MAG) Festival by Connected Art Platform (CAP), (ID)

Garden Indonesia elaborates on the adaptations of our cultural environment, the process of life and our heritage system, ranging from rattan to Indonesian side-dishes transformed into interactive installations.

ALMA Observatory and Fundación Mustakis (CL)

By considering the extreme weather conditions in the Atacama Desert alongside ALMA Observatory, located at more than 5000 metres above sea level, the garden uses the notion of ‘landscape’ in the context of the digital world to rethink how we understand the concept under the influence of the digital revolution.

Neanderthal Programming for Sceptics
Deborah Hustic (HR), Paula Bucar (HR), Damir Prizmic (HR)

The intergenerational online workshop is intended for beginners of all ages willing to delve into the logic of the programming processes

Workshop Nature Data – Creative IoT
Goran Mahovlić (HR)

A Catalogue of Electro Entities is based on the spectrum of diverse ways to engage in the process of interactivity and interactions with electronic devices and objects we create.

Education for Future Generation in Art, Technology, and Society
Maaya Makino, Andrew Newman

In the world of ‘A New Digital Deal,’ we need interdisciplinary ability to think about art, technology, and society from multiple perspectives. How can we teach this invisible skill to the future generation? In this Guided Tour, we would like to introduce various Gardens focusing on Education for young people.

An hour of violence
Domestic Data Streamers (INT/ES)

In this workshop the creative team at Domestic Data Streamers will walk you through 8 invisible contemporary violences that have a great impact in our everyday lives. The team will talk about the conceptual research behind the project, how they’ve turned such complex information into an interactive exhibition and will end up with a live collective debate on meaningful questions around the topic.

Elise Guillaume (BE/GB) and Samuel Domínguez (CL/GB)

Through the use of footage, courtesy of ALMA and ESO, filmmaker Elise Guillaume (BE) and artist Samuel Domínguez (CL) collaborated on a new video about the Chajnantor Plateau, where ALMA Observatory is located, in the Atacama Desert. The video uses the music created by Olaff Peña Pastene (CL/ES), using sounds recorded at the observatory and digital data.

Talking About Landscape in the 21st Century
Samuel Domínguez (CL), Leonor Merín (ES), Alicia Pedroso (CL), Valeria Foncea (CL), Diego Lara Koenig (CL), Sergio Martín (ES)

We are presenting a web-learning platform that gathers more than 50 references about our contemporary understanding of landscape. At the behest of Fundación Mustakis, this project was co-curated by Diego Lara Koenig (CL), with Sergio Martín (ES), invited by ALMA Observatory. The live video, with digital modelling and animation by Ming Rang Bai, will be broadcast during the festival.

Participatory City of Cartography
Liu Bauer (FR), Vera Baumann (FR)

We organize participatory talks at City Interaction lab to discuss non-standard perspectives of city analysis and city perception: "how can we see city borders? where are borders of the city and what are their roles in city formation?" As the result of the workshop, we will create a city atlas as part of the citizen science component of the City Interaction lab project. The main goal of the garden is to make the experience of city-dwelling participatory and show how everyone could contribute to city analysis and data collection in a creative way.

Journey of the Academy
Jungsoo Lee(KR), Seuli Lee(KR), Eunkyeong Kang(KR), Hyun Cho(KR), Teo Bahk(KR), Youngju Kim(KR), Insoo Park (KR), Jinsoo Kim(KR), Myeongjin Yang(KR), Laura Welzenbach(AT)

The documentary video features the journey of K-Arts X Ars Electronica Academy. The international creative academy had run in a non-face-to-face manner to strengthen the global capabilities of students from the Korean National University of Arts despite the limited movement between countries.