Hexagram (CA/QC), Université du Québec à Montréal (CA/QC), Concordia University (CA/QC)

Beyond human art: creation and the posthuman
Sofian Audry (CA), Edwige Armand (FR), Gisèle Trudel (CA), Navid Navab (CA), Danny Perreault (CA)

Can nonhuman machines and processes have any pretension to “originate anything”? Can art exist outside of its human framework, decoupled from the socio-techno-cultural context in which it is produced? How can we (re)imagine artistic creation in this new posthuman paradigm? In this round table, the participants approach these questions through the themes of metacreation, nonhuman creation in plants, ecosystems, environments, and excitable matter(ials), as well as human-nonhuman collaboration and co-creation.

Puneet Jain (IN), Rilla Khaled (CA), Gina Hara (HU/CA), Allison Moore (CA), Ludovic Amaru (CA), Gabrielle Couillard (CA), Gaëlle Scali (FR/CA), Atypical (FR)


Research-creation 02: MACHINE RELATIONS + REC Discussion
Joe Zeph Thibodeau (CA), Marc-André Cossette (CA), Alexandre Saunier (FR/CA), Ceyda Yolgormez (TR/CA), Evan Hile (CA), David Jhave Johnston (CA), Sofian Audry (CA), Ionat Zurr (AU), Cynthia Noury (CA), Paloma Leyton (AR/CA), Gaelle Scali (FR/CA)

Chronogenica, Poetics of Otherness, Harvesting Signs in Post-Semiocapitalism, REⓒ Discussion

Keynote Discussion Panel: MACHINE + BODY
Christopher Salter (US/CA), David Rokeby (CA), Angélique Wilkie (BE/CA)

In this Hexagram special Keynote panel, three artists researchers (Chris Salter, Angélique Wilkie and David Rokeby) engage in an open discussion on the emerging phenomena in machine-body interaction.

Andrés Felipe Gaviria (CO), Gabrielle Couillard (CA), Kasey Pocius (CA), Mario H Valencia (CO), Oscar Ceballos (CO), Leah Barclay (AU), Ricardo Dal Farra (AR/CA), Rob La Frenais (UK/FR), Felipe Londoño (CO), Roger Malina (US), Pablo Suarez (AR/US)

“Balance-Unbalance: The Future started Now” is the second encounter in a series of roundtables gathering scientists, artists, architects and curators to help us think about what we should do today to change course and to have a possible future, considering the serious risks we face given the growing environmental crisis.

Outer Space and the City: Provocations for the Urbanization of Space Technology
Marie-Pier Boucher (CA), Alice Jarry (CA), Emiliano Gandolfi (IT), Bernard Foing (FR), Guillaume Pascale (CA), Lee Wilkins (CA), Philippe Vandal (CA), Isabelle Boucher (CA)

The interactions between urban environments, technology, and communities are increasingly dependent upon space telecommunication infrastructures. However, these infrastructures are both out of sight and out of reach. What techniques can be deployed to assess, and subvert, their materiality and socio-environmental impact?

Workshop - Indigenous Protocols and Artificial Intelligence working group
Michelle Lee Brown (US), Suzanne Kite (US/CA), Ceyda Yolgormez (TR/CA), Jason Edward Lewis (CA)

Our relationship to artificially intelligent technologies is largely framed by popular media, news reporting, or major scientists’ claims. These frames restrict such systems to notions of control and utility, all the while keeping the black-box of these technologies intact, and thus furthering an elite-expert hegemonia that had been defining how to think of AI since the last half of the previous century.

Material Workshops
Brice Ammar-Khodja (FR), Vanessa Mardirossian (CA), Matthew Halpenny (CA)

Sensitive membranes, Textile Dyes Workshop, Workshop on Open-Source Microbial Fuel Cells

Research-creation 01: CONNECTING MILIEUX + Hexagram Showcase
Gisèle Trudel (CA), Maya Lamothe-Katrapani (CA), Alessia Zarzani (IT), Orit Halpern (CA), Jean-Denis Milette (CA), Gabriel Payant (CA), Marius Senneville (CA), Alessandra Ponte (CA), Kim Laneuville (CA), Adriana Menghi (CA), Delphine Ducharme (CA), Meryem Sekhri (CA), Alexandre Asselin (CA), Anna Paola Bossi (IT/CA), Baptiste Kauffmann (FR/CA), Millie-Ann Grenon (CA), Rachel Ducharme (CA), Charles Antoine Poulin (CA), Fannie Hébert (CA), Ikram Haffaf (CA), Liliane Hamelin (CA), Marie-Ève Fortier (CA), Jill Didur (CA), Tony Higuchi (ES), AELab (CA), Fossilation (CA), Andrée Martin (CA), Estelle Schorpp (FR/CA), Marc-André Cossette (CA), Sandra Volny (CA), Ahreum Lee (KR/CA), Émilie Morin (CA), Erin Gee (CA), Guillaume Pascal (CA), Juliette Lusven (FR/CA), Maxime Boutin (FR/CA), Olivia Mc Gilchrist (JM/FR), Rilla Khaled (CA), Enric Llagostera (BR), Jess Rowan Marcotte (CA), Steven Sych (CA), Jean Dubois (CA), Ghyslain Gagnon (CA), Ké Medley (CA), Louis-Philippe Rondeau (CA), Yan Breuleux (CA), Nicolas Bernier (CA), Nicolas Reeves (CA), David St-Onge (CA), Chris Salter (US/CA), Dietmar Lupfer (DE), Sofian Audry (CA), TeZ (IT)

Documentation of the first art installation of the Canada Research Chair MÉDIANE, presented outdoors in July 2021 at Jardin botanique Montréal. The installation experiments artistically with the ecophysiological data of three species of trees collected by the research programme SmartForests.