Diaries in the Deal of COVID-19
FBI Lab (TW)

Taiwan was lucky to survive the COVID-19 attack last year. In May of this year, we could not escape from the real challenge of COVID-19. The whole Taiwan suddenly entered the third level of alert. During the epidemic, many things had to be adjusted and redesigned in time. Every building entrance is covered with QR-Code, everyone has become a “sticker man” and a “mask man”. People “qualify” to enter buildings only if they wear masks, get a temperature sticker and scan the QR-Code. Under the epidemic, everyone’s right to life is equal. The society has produced an alternative democracy. The order of freedom and rights are reorganized. We launched the “Diaries in the Deal of COVID-19" campaign, and encouraged everyone to create and record his diary during the epidemic. On September 10th, we will hold a press forum where everyone will show their diary and share their thoughts and life experiences during the epidemic.

Yu-Chin Lin (TW), Yun-Zhen Zhong (TW), Yu-Tzu Wang (TW), Yu-Ting Tseng (TW) & Yong-Han Huang (TW)

ARrow is an Augmented Reality app that can be downloaded to your mobile phone. Not only can participants paint randomly in the virtual world, they can also connect with scenery and people in real life through the GPS and camera of their phone. We have eased the feeling of distance produced by the use of mobile devices in the fast-food generation. Participants, pick up your paintbrushes! Spread your sketches across the huge canvas no matter where you are. Spread it, bloom it! ARrow invites you to show your pictures in Hsinchu-Taipei garden.

Yu-Xuan Lin (TW), Ching-Chi Chiang (TW), Yu-Chin Lin (TW), Yun-Zhen Zhong (TW), Ting-Yu Hsieh (TW), I-Hsuan Lin (TW), Yi-Wun Wang (TW), I-Chin Fang (TW), Zhin-Wei Li (TW), Yin-Chi Huang (TW), Yueh Huang (TW), Yi-Xin Huang (TW), Yu-Tzu Wang (TW), Ze-Wei Lin (TW), Ling Chien Jian (TW), Hsin-Tze Huang (TW), Da-Yo Luo (TW), Ho-Hsuan Hsiao (TW), Shao-En Hsu (TW), Yang Che Hong (TW), En Tse Chen (TW), Yi - Hsuan Wang (TW), Yu-Ting Tseng (TW), Yu Chen Chien (TW), Shih-Ting Lin (TW), Yong-Han Huang (TW), Huginn C. (HK), Pin-Miao Lin (CN) & Yi-Lian Wu (TW)

The experimental project consists of five new media artworks. Through interactive installation, augmented reality, immersive theater, urban action and more. We have constructed a hypothetical planning area to examine the meaning of physical and psychological distance as fast-food generation, in its present state: In the rapid flow of information, from basic physical necessities to spiritual dependences, there is nothing that the contemporary person cannot expeditiously obtain.

Entrance Deal
Su-Ch Hsu (TW), Chen-Hua Lu (TW), FBI Lab (TW), Chiao-Chi Chou (TW), You-Yang Hu (TW), Jiahe Zhao (CN), Xuezhi Liu (CN), Shih-Hung Ku (TW), IoA/NTHU (TW), Yuan-Fu Yang (TW) & Iuan-Kai Fang (TW)

With the rapid development of science and technology, many changes have occurred in society, politics and life. There are many different “entrances” in science, in society, in emotion, and in ecology. Some of these entrances allow us to explore the roots of life, some make our society a paradigm shift, some make subtle changes in emotions between people, and some even bring a huge change in the world.