Action Tour
MINIWIZ CO., LTD.(TW), Taipei Urban Intelligence Center (TW), Peppercorns Interactive Media Art Co., LTD (TW), Roboenter Co., LTD (TW)

To cope with the impact of Covid-19, a scientific and efficient action in the digital world must be taken. The Taipei Urban Intelligence Center has developed a digital system that can quickly respond to the risk landscape, people flow, and medial resources across different parts of Taipei by integrating live streaming and data instantly. It also informs the policies of the government.

Earth Tour
André Chiang (TW), Billy Chang (TW), Hsin-Chien Huang (TW), Wen-Chieh Chang (TW)

The plants growing on earth nourish us, and someday we will all return to the ground. It is where life ends as well as begins. Soil is no doubt the stop for the transition of life. Thus, in the program “Earth Tour”, viewers will participate in a performance art called “Taste Soil”, which intends to rethink the relationship between humans and land by means of “eating.”

New Media Tour
Chin-Hsiang Hu (TW), Yi-Chi Lin (TW), Tsai Ning (TW), Siou-Ming Wu (TW), Wei-Chung Feng (TW), Ching-Chuan Hu (TW), Jie-Huai Yang (TW), Jia-Hua Zhan (TW), Sio-Pang Hong (TW)

Thanks to the digital era and the rapid advancement of technologies, the mediums available to modern artists are not limited to canvas on an easel. Instead, they utilize video, sound, electronic music, installation, and various new media to explore different issues, such as family, memory, city, society, landscape, and environment.

Animated Tour
Chun-Chieh Lien (TW), Po-Han Lee (TW), Vick Wang (TW), Wu-Ching Chang (TW), Yu-Ting Hsueh (TW)

Imagination is a superpower. When imaging ourselves in the world of animation, every one of us has become a superhero. In the Animated Tour, viewers can devote themselves to the characters via different programs, abstract or figurative in terms of visual style, to experience anxiety and frustration all the way to happiness and growth. Getting rid of this disappointing reality, viewers shall continue the “Taiwan Grand Tour” through their imagination.

Immersive Tour
Ami Wu (TW), Chi-Yen Chiang (TW), Ghung-I Hung (TW), Hsiao-Yue Tsao (TW), Hsin-Chien Huang (TW), Nina Barbier (FR), Shih-Chou Wen (TW), WenChieh Chang (TW)

VR comes with a memorable immersive experience, making it possible to temporarily transcend the limitations of time and space, letting audiences experience freedom of movement and their desire to explore the world. Therefore, in “Immersive Tour,” as the first part of the “Formosa Grand Tour,” viewers can wander among the mountains, oceans, and rivers in the digital world, even outer space!