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STEAMhouse (GB)

As part of the International STEAM Conference 2021, hosted online, we also hosted a fringe event using the Butter and Miro platform where participants could explore more content from the keynote speakers and STEAM Fellow’s research findings. Go and explore, simply follow the instructions on screen.

Sarah King (GB)

In this video we will be interviewing Sarah King about the importance of Biomaterials, materials development and sustainability in 2020. Find out how STEAMhouse are getting involved through the Bioboxes project! If you have any questions or would like to discuss this topic further, reach us on our platforms!

Understanding Virtual Reality
Robin Kay (GB)

Robin Kay discusses how virtual reality and explores how startup companies and larger organizations implement augmented reality and VR to enhance their business.

Immersive Media
Poppy Wilde (GB)

When we say immersive media, what we are really talking about is more of a sensorial catchment Whether that’s your visuals/ sound all around, there may be extra things coming into the picture or coming into play with you that previous media may not have incorporated.

Maker Monday X Ars Electronica
Sharon Brunt (UK), Kelly Vero (CH)

Birmingham's highly established Maker Monday event teams up with Ars Electronica for a special workshop. In this interactive session, our amazing special guests Sharon Brunt and Kelly Vero will explore what empathy is and how to use it to design everything from apps, tool and games that are sensitive to users needs, and uplift their lives.

We are STEAMhouse
STEAMhouse (GB)

STEAMhouse sees that STEAM is centered on collaboration and openness, and believes that those principles are most fully realized when the arts and the sciences are allowed to collide, for the creativity embedded in both to be released.