How to stay a critical artist when working with industry
Ars Electronica UK Garden: STARTS Debate

Artists are constantly facing new challenges, with NFT for instance being a recent and ongoing issue. How do artists maintain their ethical position as well as remain relevant, catalytic, and critical while working with industry and trying to make a living? What are the ramifications of entering the market and selling their work? How can artists ensure they consider the social, economic and environmental impact of working with industry?

UCA Artistic Presentation
Camille Baker (CDN/GB) – Artist/Artistic Director, Maf’j Alverez (GB/SP) – Interaction Designer /Unity3d Developer, Sarah Büttner (DE) – Tilt Brush and 3D environment artist, Bushra Burge (GB) – Haptic corset interaction/fashion designer, Kat Austen (GB/DE) – Sound Designer, Paul Hayes (GB) – Haptics Electronic Engineer/ Programmer, Andy Baker (GB) – Unity Technical Consultant, Annelies Lovell & Alexandra Butterworth(GB) – voice-over actors, Anonymous Stories – various contributing women

INTER/her is an intimate VR immersive exploration of the inner world of middle-aged women’s bodies and the post-reproductive diseases they suffer, such as endometriosis, fibroids, polyps, Ovarian and other cysts, cervical, ovarian, uterine and endometrial cancers - with a focus on female health as personal exploration, conversation starter, and community building.

Neuroaesthetics: The Future of Interdisciplinary Art
Kinda Studios (GB), Marshmallow Laser Feast (GB), Tayos & Jon Hopkins (GB), Goldsmiths University (GB)

This interactive, participatory session guides audience members through the growing interdisciplinary field of Neuroaesthetics, providing a toolkit and takeaways for building effective Art-Science experiences. A live participatory Neuroaesthetics research experiment and interactive discussion with a breathe intervention that includes artworks from Marshmallow Laser Feast & Jon Hopkins

Bee Composed: An Entomological Fantasy
Artist: Lily Hunter Green (GB), Collaborators: Computer Scientist: Karun Matharu, Molecular Scientist: Dr Eyal Maori, Violinist: Tom Moore, Film: Zoe Coldham (With support from Arts Council England)

A Talk + Q&A from the Artist Lily Hunter Green Online presentation/exhibition of extracts from ‘Silencing the Virus’ (STARTS PRIZE NOMINATION) Bee Composed: An Entomological Fantasy will provide a creative synthesis of what can be learnt from honeybees in terms of social cognition, collective living and ecological balance via a talk and presentation on a series of immersive interactive play-tests and installations.

Art in Flux: Reclaimed
Curators: Aphra Shemza (GB), Maria Almena (ES) & Olive Gingrich (GB/AT) Artists: Aminder Virdee (GB), Aphra Shemza (GB), Stuart Batchelor (GB), Camille Baker (GB), Danielle Brathwaite-shirley (GB), Enrique Agudo (GB), Kimatica (ES) Natasha Trotman (GB), Olive Gingrich (GB/AT) Shama Rahman (GB), Ro Greengrass (GB) & Maddy James (GB)

Curated by the three Art in Flux co-founders Olive Gingrich, Maria Almena and Aphra Shemza and featuring twelve artists from the Art in Flux community, this curator’s tour takes the audience through Art in Flux: Reclaimed virtual exhibition, exploring its key concepts and themes.

Art in Flux: Reclaimed
Aminder Virdee (GB), Aphra Shemza (GB), Stuart Batchelor (GB), Camille Baker (GB), Danielle Brathwaite-shirley (GB), Enrique Agudo (GB), Kimatica (ES), Natasha Trotman (GB), Olive Gingrich (GB/AT), Shama Rahman (GB), Ro Greengrass (GB) & Maddy James (GB)

As London’s foremost forum for pioneering media arts, Art in Flux is excited to present our latest virtual exhibition Art in Flux: Reclaimed supported by Arts Council England. Celebrating some of the most radical and innovative media artists of our times, Art in Flux: Reclaimed showcases artists from the underrepresented spectra of society, an eclectic avant-garde of diversity featuring women-in-tech, LGBTQ+ and neurodiverse artists.

Ali Hossaini (GB), Olive Gingrich (GB), Mick Grierson (GB), Joshua Murr (GB), Shama Rahman (GB), Alan Renaud (HE)

An explosion of biohybrid technologies is bringing our bodies and brains online. What happens when we're all connected? Groupthink gives a glimpse into a future where art emerges from the heart. Audiences anywhere can join via webcam. Software detects their pulse and translates it into a visual score performed live by sitarist Shama Rahman and percussionist Mick Grierson.

Absent Sitter
Gazelle Twin (UK), Kit Monkman (UK), Ben Eyes (UK), University of York Music Department (UK)

Commissioned and developed by York Mediale, Absent Sitter is a digitally abstracted live alternative to touring, created by experimental musician, composer and performer, Gazelle Twin, immersive creative collective, KMA and sound artist Ben Eyes with the University of York Music Department. The artwork explores the power of ‘collective imagination’ within an audience and the importance of ‘presence/absence’ in a live event.

EVA London
Terry Trickett (GB), Dr Jon Weinel (GB), Dr Sean Clark (GB)

At the EVA (Electronic Visualisation and the Arts) conferences, ‘music’ as an international language, is taking an ever-increasing role in promoting the exchange of ideas across the worldwide community. EVA London acts as a focal point for this, promoting new adventures into the music visualisations of the future.