Polysocial Podcast
Amy Johnson, Mahalia Henry-Richards, Christl Baur, Manuela Hillmann

Launching the first podcast in a series on Polysocial Realities, creative researchers Amy Johnson and Mahalia Henry-Richards chat with Christl Baur and Manuela Hillmann of Ars Electronica Festival. They discuss the role of cultural institutions as platforms for communication and provocation.

Polysocial Realities: the Emancipatory Potential of Technology to Build Communities
Pintian Liu, Jenn Leung, Arshiya Vij, Serra Ozdemir, Jyles Rodgers

A student-led panel conversation, exploring the following themes through the lens of technology: community building; expanding subjectivities; polysocial or parasocial; revolutionary movements; traces of communication; presence and/or absence; deferral and difference, mismatch and incongruity; provocative/viable/safe spaces; identity (politics); xenofeminism; (machine learning) bias.

Bartlett IAL in Conversation
Interactive Architecture Lab & Partners

Peeking behind the doors of London’s creative industry, this film is a collection of interviews and studio visits led by students. Interview partners and studios visited include Alexander Whitley Dance Company, Jason Bruges Studio, Marshmallow Laser Feast, and other friends of the Interactive Architecture Lab.

PolySocial Project Exhibition
Bartlett School of Architecture Design for Performance and Interaction Students 2020-2021

A student project exhibition showcasing MArch Design for Performance and Interaction work in progress. A physical exhibition housed in an East London venue, projects will also be made accessible online as a narrated walk-through which will be live streamed on various platforms.