Education Conference: An Oceanic Educational Ecosystem
Markus Reymann (DE), Mareike Dittmer (DE), Beatrice Forchini (IT), Petra Linhartova (CZ), Fiona Middleton (UK)

TBA21–Academy verfolgt eine nicht-hierarchische Praxis, die die traditionellen Vorstellungen von Kommunikation, kultureller Bildung und Vermittlung unterläuft. Die Podiumsdiskussion lädt das Publikum ein, gemeinsam durch die digitalen pädagogischen Initiativen der Akademie zu waten: die OCEAN / UNI-Sitzungen, das digitale Repository und die Plattform ocean comm/uni/ty).

Julie Semoroz (CH)

Julie Semoroz shapes sound using several sources such as field recordings, live microphones, her own voice, and different forms of hardware and software.

Fischgeist (fish spirit), 2020
Tomoko Sauvage (JP)

Fischgeist was recorded in a disused water tank in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin in August 2019. The nineteenth-century brick building is made up of five layered circles with a spiral staircase in the middle leading up to an exit to a hilltop. Inside, it’s humid and cold, the temperature always around 8–10 degrees Celsius. The building’s acoustics produce a long reverberation that lasts up to twenty seconds.

Chorus of Zong, 2020
Binta Diaw (SN/IT)

Chorus of Zong sounds like a polyphonic choir accompanied by water noises. It is the voices of young Afro-Italians in dialogue with the echoing voices of their ancestors. The polyphonic chorus recites verses from the 2008 poetry collection Zong! by the poet M. NourbeSe Philip, in which she gives voice to the 150 enslaved people who were thrown overboard into the Atlantic Ocean by the crew of the ship that carried them across the ocean.