Uncanny Dream

Uncanny Dream: Artist-talks with exhibition participants

Gray Cake (Kate Pryanik, Sasha Serechenko) (RU), Mitry Grankov (RU)

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Gray Cake (Kate Pryanik, Sasha Serechenko) (RU) the “Dreams of the Machine” artists work with the phenomenon of AI and, starting from the concept of human consciousness, they ask the question of the existence of “algorithmic unconscious”. “Dreams of the machine” features artifacts of neural network algorithms trained to reproduce the experience of human dreaming. Relying on the human experience of dreaming and collecting the repressed material, algorithm reconstructs it into new poetic forms and images that acquire their own meaning and action. Thanks to illogical patterns of the algorithm, we can get scenarios that expand our view of the possible future. Images that tantalize and promise something that never will and show something that never happened. Mitry Grankov – “Art translator”. Using the phone camera, the translator is asked to “translate” real works of art from museum collections into different languages. An attempt to find text in an image, especially in a work of art, with all the obviousness of a technical error, is a deliberate profanation of the universal verbalization characteristic of our time, a reaction to the penetration of text into the world of art.

Gray Cake (Kate Pryanik, Sasha Serechenko) (RU): Katya graduated from the Rodchenko Art School. Works with experimental manual photo printing, video, photography, installation. Sasha is MEPhI graduated programmer, also musician and artist focused on interactive environments and generative practices. Both have master’s degrees in Digital Art. As an art-duo they explore the paradigm of new media, combining traditional artistic techniques and new technologies. Winners/laureates of Pixel Fest, Audi Born Digital, Re:store Digital Earth, EOFA.

Mitry Grankov (RU): Mitry Grankov (b. 1987) is an artist, musician, graphic designer, PhD (history). Graduated from the School of Contemporary Art \“Free Workshops\“ MMOMA. As a musician collaborates with Integrative Theater Studio ITS Krug (The Meyerhold Theater Center resident). As an artist works with sound-art and objects, as well as video and installation. Focuses on historical studies (collective memory), and research the touchpoint of digital/analogue, old/contemporary, history/future.



Curators: Helena Nikonole, Oxana Chvyakina Artists: Fedor Balashov aka wasdswag, Katya Galitskaya, Mitry Grankov, Gray cake, Anastasia Koroleva, Yuliya Kozhemyako aka supr, Ivan Netkachev, Xenia Obukhovskaya, Rona Peshekhonova, Alexey Ryabov, Eugene Kruglov, Pavel Seldemirov, Vladimir Sheshak, Anna Shustikova, Roman Solodkov.