En Tehom

En Tehom / A vocal-visual poem on an internal audience

Eyal Lally Bitton (IL), Marco Milevski Tomasin (IL), Tomer Damsky (IL), Pagit Bar Zel (IL), Amir Meir (IL), Carmel Riboch (IL), Yaara Haim (IL), Sam Braverman (IL), Ron Dahan (IL), Sapir Sharon (IL), Gilli Amar (IL), Tamar Balas (IL), Adi Ben Pazi (IL).

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This is an invitation into the stalactite caves of the crowded consciousness, where the mind’s own voice is silenced by the flux of the tumultuous audience within, the countless mental voices gathered from memory, data and encounters with the outside world.

“En Tehom” (Hebrew for “no abyss”) is a non-linear sequel of last year’s “Finding Amir”, which had its premiere at Ars Electronica 2020. After emerging from his cave solitude during the pandemic lockdown continuum, Amir attempts to clear away his mind from those voices and find his own, only to reveal that the sole voice is constructed of many.

The return to the physical experience of singing together had brought not only comfort but also confusion. What is my voice in contrast to those of the others? The work attempts to answer this through poetic, physical and digital means — deconstructing a choir into grains and re-constructing it into a composition of shared voices.

Between the city of Jerusalem and a desert cave, Amir attempts to clear away his mind from the internal flux of mental voices and find his own, only to reveal that the sole voice is constructed of many. A vocal-visual poem deconstructing a choir into a composition of shared voices.

The use of headphones is recommended.

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A collaboration between Excessive Productions collective and Musrara Graziella Choir. Written and directed by Eyal Lally Bitton, Marco Milevski Tomasin and Tomer Damsky. Director of photography and editor: Eyal Lally Bitton. Sound recording and mix: Marco Milevski Tomasin. Choir conductor and supervisor: Tomer Damsky. Executive producer: Pagit Bar Zel. Protagonist: Amir Meir. Additional composition and programming: Marco Milevski Tomasin and Carmel Riboch Musrara Graziella. Choir: Yaara Haim, Sam Braverman, Ron Dahan, Sapir Sharon, Carmel Riboch, Gilli Amar, Tamar Balas, Adi Ben Pazi. Additional Compositions by Yaara Haim, Gilli Amar, The Body, Moondog. Arrangements by Carmel Riboch, Tomer Damsky