Disruptivity by Design


Faculty of Design, Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences (AT), in cooperation with ORF Vorarlberg (AT)

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Limited number of participants with registration.

Our perception of the present is determined by the media. But do we also learn what our future looks like from the media? And if the media are so decisive for us, what does medias’ future look like? Based on Max Frisch’s “questionnaire,” questions can be posed to ORF Vorarlberg (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) staff members on the program website. “What would the future look like without media?” “How does your day move society forward today?” “What will you be doing in 2041?” “What kind of media will there be in 2041?” These questions are displayed on screens in the foyer of the ORF and are intended to stimulate reflection.

The Faculty of Design at the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences: It is concerned with the design of objects, processes, relations, and situations and seeks to open up new ways of thinking and acting. Each detail is also an aspect that determines an overarching context. Especially in times of change, the immense potential of design as a transdiscipline becomes apparent. It does not focus on the beautification of surfaces, but provides those ways of thinking, methods and tools that enable challenging processes to be actively, cooperatively and reflectively designed. The Faculty of Design is responsible for the study programs BA and MA InterMedia, actively contributes to design research, and ensures critical technology assessment and the transfer of knowledge to society and the economy.


Faculty of Design/ Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, ORF Vorarlberg