Forensic Architecture Workshop: Open-source investigations for Human Rights

Omar Ferwati (EG), Forensic Architecture (INT)

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Registration deadline for workshops is 24 hours before the workshop starts.

Forensic Architecture is a research agency that uses architectural and media analysis to investigate human rights violations. This workshop is an introduction to investigatory techniques and principles used by Forensic Architecture including open-source research, spatial analysis, geolocation, verification, and media analysis through a series of short tutorials and tasks.

Omar Ferwati (EG): is a researcher with Forensic Architecture, using spatial analysis for human rights investigations. He was trained as an architect and has previously worked at several architecture practices. He has also taught at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture. Omar’s own research currently focuses on how civilians use architecture to survive urban warfare, particularly in Aleppo. He is contributing a chapter based on this work in a forthcoming edited volume on reconstruction and violence