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Memo Futurum

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Winner project of the 2021 Ars Electronica Futurelab Ideas Expedition

How we imagine our future has a significant impact on how we live and act in the present. Memo Futurum is a call to engage with your own and our collective ideas of the future. You are guided to envision your personal future 25 years from now, and then asked to share your thoughts in the form of a voice memo. Everyone is invited to record a memo or listen to the memos of others. At the end of 2021, the voices will fall silent. The memos will be transferred to vinyl records which will be stored safely in a glass case for 25 years. Every 25 years, the cycle begins anew. New memos will be recorded and added to the existing ones. By comparing past and present memos, we will be able to reflect on how the way we talk and think about the future has changed. Memo Futurum is intended to become a ritual, repeated, and expanded every 25 years.

Starting September 7 through the end of the year, you can record and share your personal voice memo via the website.