Ars Electronica Garden Mumbai

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Art X Company (IN)

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In a land where multi- and inter- are axiomatic, how do digital disciplines embrace culture? Where concepts of access, inclusion, and infrastructure are not nearly as ubiquitous as the challenges of sustainability, how does the abundance of diversity in the arts adopt digital futures? The festival as a platform for arts, culture, and community is both a tool for sustainable futures and a playground for experimentation. We learn, grow, and bond within festivals that nurture the art and imagination of multiplicities. We explore our cultures’ personalities through sensorial interactions. In 2021, we explore how these interactions adapt in both sustainability and sensoriality. We open doors to new media interventions, innovations the experience economy, and sustainable arts livelihoods. We explore (in)congruences within art, digital, experience, and culture, and the contexts they emerge out of. We open doors to discussion and debate in the cultural multiverse of this newest version of a flat world.


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