Sustainable Evolution

Loreto Binvignat Streeter (CL/ES)

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Linz, In Kepler's Gardens

Color Innovation for the New Future we Need to Create

This co-creation project between Loreto and the scientists at Aitex aims to showcase their research and application of innovative micro-organic and plant dyes using sustainable technologies. The textile dye industry has a worrying water waste and pollution problem: chemical dyes are sourced from petrochemicals, which pollute our waterways and are toxic for our skin. Through this collaboration, the team looks to go further and use not only organic and biodegradable materials, but also optimize and experiment with the future of sustainable and innovative textile dyes. The most exciting and challenging part of this cross-sectional process has been working with bacteria dyes. The team has worked in the lab fermenting and experimenting with color-yielding bacteria to apply directly onto intricately designed and locally produced garments.


Aitex, textile research institute – research and development of microorganic dyes, sustainable and innovative finishings.
Axel Heilenk├Âtter – design consultant.
Itziar Grange – garment production manager
Re-Fream EU – funding.