Salt Castle Studio (AT), Fachhochschule Salzburg (AT)


Chapeau is a fast-paced multiplayer platformer where you and your friends each play a quirky hat, challenging each other for objectives while engaging in mid-air combat.

You will have to try your best to stay ahead while fluidly jumping, gliding and dashing through beautifully crafted levels, inspired by Austria’s historic city centers. Keep your momentum going to move faster, beat your competition, and avoid falling to the ground by using the environment and roaming people to your advantage!


Project Credits:


The project team includes Gregor Kirchhofer, Mathias Lillich, Lukas Wagner, Tom Langer, Stefan Schwab, Bibiana Traxler, Johannes Lugstein and Michael Hofer. The project has grown and gained popularity; it is now being finalized by the students as the newly founded independent development studio Salt Castle Studio.