DEEP FEELING – An Interactive Utopia

Dominik Einfalt, Noah von Stietencron, Class of Graphic Design, Prof. Oliver Kartak (AT), University of Applied Arts Vienna (AT)


Individuals who have experienced little or no love in their development will for the most part act in an unloving and calculating manner in their later lives. They are lacking in their ability to experience emotions and in their emotional and social competence. Without an understanding of what affection feels like, their social actions are based on sober, calculating schemes and are executed without empathy, conscience or social responsibility. These are characteristics of a dissocial and sociopathic personality.

Deep Feeling lets artificial intelligence experience human affection to enable the growth of a social, feeling and loving AI. This prototype of a computer input device is equipped with sensors that transmit human touch to the AI.


Project Credits:


Oliver Kartak (AT), born in Vienna in 1968, has been working in the fields of brand identity, communication design, photography, and film direction for 30 years. He works as an independent designer and is Professor of Graphic Design and Dean of the Institute of Design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Dominik Einfalt and Noah von Stietencron are students of the Class of Graphic Design, Prof. Oliver Kartak; University of Applied Arts Vienna