Shape of you

Students of the BORG Bad Leonfelden (AT)

u19 Winner: Young Professionals Honorary Mention

More than forty students from BORG Bad Leonfelden worked the entire year on this approximately ninety-second rotoscope animation, a dance performance to the song Shape of You. To make this film, over 1,300 individual frames were drawn in OpenToonz, an open source animation program. Each student drew thirty-six pictures, which at a frame rate of twelve fps means three seconds. The constant change in the visual impression in contrast to the continuously fluid movement of the dancers results in a remarkable visual work.

Animation is an integral part of the syllabus in media design. For this project we wanted to try out the relatively new open source program Open-Toonz. As our basic technique, we chose rotoscope animation, which we augmented with various other program-specific animation techniques. Work begun by students who then switched schools or couldn’t finish it due to illness was completed by other classes in their conventional art class, where they drew the individual pictures in an analog manner.


Credits: Elif Bingöl, Helin Bingöl, Sarah Birklbauer, Sabrina Brandl, Christoph Brandstetter, Carla Bräuer, Olga Chachula, Alba Diaz, Elias Eglauer, Marlene Estermann, Jonas Feilmayr, Kurt Felitsch, Sabrina Fleischanderl, Denise Fleischanderl, Eva Froschauer, Leoni Ganser, Lena Gartner, Magdalena Goluch, Marlene Grasböck, Nefise Gül, Seher Gül, Victoria Haider, Helene Hießl, Florentine Hofer, Laura Horner, Vanessa Iglsböck, Selina Jobst, Celin Jung, Magdalena Kaar, Raphaela Kerschhagl, Katrin Lehner, Lorin Lehner, Daniela Leitner, Melanie Lenz, Nicole Mülleder, Theresa Nimmervoll, Daniel Plank, Florian Rockenschaub, Leoni Schnauderer, Lily-May Sommer, Lea Stumptner, Selina Tamesberger, Anna Traxler, Anna Trölß / SchülerInnen des BORG Bad Leonfelden (AT)