Shared Habitats


The exhibition Shared Habitats focuses on the influence of technology on socio-cultural processes through fourteen works of a digital, biological, and interactive nature. The exhibition focuses on the location of organisms in their environment, the effects of humans on their habitats, and the artistic handling of new biomaterials and technologies. Many of the works on display are based on scientific experiments that are analyzed in a cultural context.

Interactions of humans with non-human creatures and with machines and technology will be examined in equal measure. In order to develop new ways of understanding, the exhibition proposes continuous, evolving feedback processes between the respective actors. It seeks the expansion of seeing, thinking, and acting.

Shared Habitats refers to the ideas of the biologist Jakob von Uexküll – his respect for the individual world and perception of a being – and develops an aesthetic of exchange. We develop visions and new spheres of possible futures. At the same time, the exhibition wants to present the Bauhaus University as a place of innovation in art, technology, and science.


Project Credits:

  • Concept: Ursula Damm
  • Curated by: Ursula Damm
  • Curatorial Assistance and Coordination: Theresa Schubert
  • Coordination and Technical Lead: Mindaugas Gapševičius
  • Website Design and catalog: Matthias Schäfer
  • Supported by: Goethe-Institut, das Nordische Netzwerk
  • Co-produced by: MO Modern Art Museum in Vilnius, Lithuania