Surprise Me

Simon Mück (AT)

u19 Winner: Young Professionals Honorary Mention

What if our entire life were being directed? What would happen after 4040 weeks? Would we still have our own thoughts, our own will? The goal of “The Company” is to perfect the life of every individual. It is the seventy-eighth year in the life of Member 0815. His day begins with the daily routine, as always. But it is a special day—namely his last…

Surprise Me is a short film I made as a diploma project. The film explores in a somewhat subtle manner the subject of loneliness in a fictitious future. I don’t think that every futuristic theme has to be related to technology. At a time when automation and efficiency are becoming an increasingly important element of society, one often forgets to ask where all of this is leading. My film plays with the idea of the absolute efficiency of a society, extending all the way to the precise planning and time management of all activities of every single person. Does efficiency ultimately lead to social isolation or to an ordered coexistence?

During my final school year, I noticed more and more how much one writes in the calendar as a “to-do.” I then asked myself what would happen if one took this organization to extreme lengths. It was from this basic idea that the concept for my film evolved. 

Surprise Me / Simon Mück, Credit: Simon Mück


Music: Tadé Theuretzbacher
Screenwriter, director, camera, editor: Simon Mück
Starring: Klaus Uhlich