Pixels from a Past Future

Encounter with a Stranger

Tudor Dobrescu (RO), Diana Chiru (RO), Denis Flueraru (RO), Constantin Simon (RO)

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As thoughts race through an elastic framework, their speed and frequency breathe perception into the mind. This mind will therefore contract and dilate. When allowing a texture as physical as thought to make its way through the labyrinth, its traces not only inhabit its corridors, but also design its surroundings.


Tudor Dobrescu graduated from UNATC I.L. Caragiale with a bachelor’s degree in Film Directing in 2021. He has directed four short fiction films: „Prins“ (2019), „Dubla“ (2020), „Kermes Vermilio“ (2021) and „Venus și Urmuz“ (2021) and three short documentary films: „frames“ (2019), „nevorbiți“ (2020), and „film club“ (2020). While studying, he also directed a number of music videos, artists’ live sessions, live performances, online advertisements and reality show episodes.

Constantin Simon, is a Romanian video artist who over the years has collaborated with various directors and set designers on video design or video logistics. He has worked with many of the most important Romanian theatre directors. With extensive experience in live events and multimedia shows, he is now trying to develop his skills in interactive installations during his master studies at CINETIc. In 2021 he graduated with a BA in cinematography at Hyperion.

Andrei Mitișor teaches at the MA ITPMA and is an architect and interaction designer at Romanian H3 studio specialized in computational design and installations.

Denis Flueraru is a new media artist whose interests revolve around connecting the art and craft of sound and visuals with digital and analog technology. The underlying concept of his work is interactivity, as he constantly strives to innovate and raise awareness about a variety of facets that encapsulate the idea of the contemporary human habitat.

Diana Chiru’s wish as a child was to be able to receive answers to all the questions she had about the universe. Growing up she realized that maybe the point is not about getting answers, but rather asking questions. Fascinated by the concept of microcosm and macrocosm, Diana believes that discovering yourself is to discover the universe and vice versa.