This Land Is Not Mine | Album
Kat Austen (DE/UK)

The Album "This Land is Not Mine" is presented as a 45 minute solo performance by artist Kat Austen.


On February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine. Mariupol, which since 2014 has been a symbol of Ukrainian resistance, has become a brutal example of tragedy and humanitarian catastrophe. On February 22, back then in peaceful Kyiv, Ukrainian composers Roman Grygoriv and Illia Razumeiko composed a piece for microtonal bandura, called "Mariupol". A new version of “Lullaby for Mariupol”, created especially for the Circus of Knowledge and the ars electronica festival 2022 will include rare footage of Mariupol mosaics from 6th and 7th centuries, now mostly destroyed by Russian forces during the siege of the city in March 2022. The performance is dedicated to all victims of Russian aggression.

Beyond Quantum Music — LP Duo
Sonja Lončar (RS/NL), Andrija Pavlović (RS/NL), Incredible Bob (RS)

LP Duo will premiere new original compositions written for two hybrid pianos within the art and science project Beyond Quantum Music and during their residency at the Kavli Institute — Quantum Nanoscience and Bionanoscience department (Technical University in Delft, Netherlands)

Sonic Saturday: Medium Sonorum Concert
Anton Bruckner Private University, Linz (AT)

Dive deep into immersive electronic music with the 20.4 system of the Sonic Lab. This is a concert designed to perceive spatial music selected from the Call for Contributions. The program shows a variety of styles of multichannel music from around the world.