When the Wind Blows from Everywhere, We Make Art and (Sur)render Reality

Talking cube

Gailė Cijūnaitytė (LT)

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“I am never stressed, never sick, never late, never had a tic, never asked for help, I would never chew a pencil, but I know how you feel and I will be there because I am…
Your Talking Cube.”

The Talking Cube is a multisensory, multifunctional masterpiece for therapeutic training and interactivity, designed to teach the principle of action and consequence, color recognition, picture recognition, hearing, motor skills and concentration. It also encourages physical movement — reaching, grabbing, throwing, rolling the cube. This way the patient not only
plays with the cube, but also with the entire room controlled by the cube. Carefully and precisely designed, the talking cube is designed to befriend people of all ages and abilities.

Based on ROMPA Description of the talking cube


Gaile Cijunaityte is an artist currently based in Vilnius, Lithuania. She received a degree in Animation in Vilnius Academy of Arts. Her work experiments with the concept of virtuality, which she sees not only as a piece of technology, but as a phenomenon that blends with reality and brings a lot of confusion while simultaneously inspiring to raise new questions regarding perception and mutual relationships. Blending human sensory and modern technology, the artist looks for possible forms of future therapy that would meet the needs of a hurried and anxious humanity – accessible, offering quick reassurance and failure-free interaction.