Different Bodies, Different Myths


Yijia Liu (CN)

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Jadism creates a space that merges musical and visual elements to explore the transformative history of jade worship, emphasizing the religious status of jade culture in China. The videos on each side of the installation show the changing ways jade has been worshiped both in the past and the present. The sonic component of the work is composed of both soundtrack and narration. Where the narration explains the histories of the mythological worship of jade, the musical component, sampled from ancient religious rituals, features alternating drumbeats as a way to connect each scene, creating a ritualistic, almost spiritual atmosphere.


Yijia Lu is a visual artist based in London and Shanghai. She works across video, installation, sound, and games design. Her work integrates concepts of past, present and future, as a reminder of lost histories and an overloaded present. She has worked with Shanghai Power Station of Art participating in the design department. She holds a BA (hons) in Design from Goldsmiths, University of London and is currently undertaking her MA in Interaction Design at London College of Communication, University of London.