(In)Tangible Future(s)

Mapping Complex System Dynamics

Magdalena Haidacher (AT)

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Looking back at the (Im)possibility of Change

On Planet B, a reconceptualized version of the Sustainable Development Goals, which could not be enforced on Planet A, is the frame of reference for all political decisions. Putting to rest the idea that infinite growth should be the goal of global social development, these objectives guarantee a truly socially, economically, and ecologically sustainable future on the new planet. But how could this complex value system be implemented in the political structures?

By exploring a multidimensional interactive space, the connections between the SDGs and political decision-makers are made visible and virtually tangible. In this project, the non-existent implementation of the SDGs on Planet A is presented. Analysis of Planet A’s failures is important because the past must be viewed as a teacher for the present and the future of Planet B.


Magdalena Haidacher (AT) has an academic background in geography where she has dealt intensively with human-environment interaction, climate change and geographic information systems. She graduated from the InterMedia master’s program at the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences. Her research focuses on the visualization of complex system dynamics, data design and process visualization.